TOKYO, Introducing Goias to the world

Picanha, the steak that represents the region of Goias, gained worldwide popularity during the Rio Olympic Games and the Soccer World Cup hosted in Brazil. Popularity has made Picanha as well known worldwide as Tokyo’s famous Wagyu Meat and New York’s Prime Rib Steak. The pleasure that a juicy cut of Picanha seasoned with coarse rock salt brings us is a proof that the Churrasco represents one of the best gastronomic experience.

How many people ever heard of Pequi? By cooking rice with this “rice perfume”, each grain of rice becomes infused with its fragrant aroma. The rice prepared with the fragrance of Pequi can delight any taste. It is definitely a typical dish from Goias that the world would love.

The last unexplored frontier of the world, the Great Amazon, and the vast plains of tropical savannah, the Cerrado are considered to be Brazil’s two treasures. At the intersection of these two geographical marvels lies the region of Goias. Araguaia is a prestigious river linked to the Amazon; it awaits us along the great nature enriched by its waters and fertile lands.