Notice of G.A.F.R 2020 postponement


We regtet to inform you that due to the current circumstances srrounding 
novel corona virus infection , we have diecided to cancell the event 
Great Amazon Fishing Rally 2020 

We aplogize for the inconvinience that might result from this change
Next GAFR is re-scheudled to next year 2021
Well let you know once re-scheduling date  has been decieded

Thank you very much for your understanding and your future support as well

Keisuke Onoda
Chief Diredor

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Grand Concept

Promote the sustainability of
the Amazonian nature

Development of
the best sports entertainment

development of the best
sports entertainment

Contribute to the advancement of
human society for the future

The Project of “One Hundred little journalists” – Live Your Story –

The Project of “One Hundred little journalists”

  • One hundred
    little journalists
  • The sustainability of the Great Amazon forest
  • Regional revitalization beyond the border
  • Women empowerment
    Gender society
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