What is the Great Amazon World Fishing Rally (GAWFR)?

The GAWFR is the first worldwide fishing competition of Brazil.

Where will the tournament be held?

The tournament will be held in the state of Goiás, Brazil. In the municipality of Luiz Alves, which is approximately 500km from Goiânia, capital of Goiás.

When will the tournament be held?

The GAWFR will be held in June 2019. The last week of June. From the 21st to the 27th of June.

When does the competition period begin?

The competition starts exactly on June 23 at 08am, and ends on June 27 at 12pm.

How do I register for the Great Amazon World Fishing Rally?

GAWFR is a worldwide fishing competition where competitors are previously selected by the tournament organization. However, the event is open to the public and to the viewers. Those who are during the dates of the event in the place can experience the cuisine of Goiás and have fun at the sound of a sertanejo show, on days that have a show.