Acieg receives representatives of the Goiás Tokyo Alliance project

The World Fishing Rally will be held with the official support of Acieg – Associação Comercial, Industrial e de Serviços do Estado de Goiás

The ambassador of the Goiás Tokyo Alliance project, Akira Ninomiya and the import intermediary and consultant Chihiro Yamamoto, met on Tuesday (12) with the president of Acieg, Euclides Barbo, together with the president of the Foreign Trade Chamber (Comex ), Andrea Fiuza and the director of ChinaComex, Marcelo Félix. The meeting was to propose a partnership with Acieg to present Goiás to Japan and vice versa through business rounds between the two countries. The intention is to promote support for initiatives for human and social development, generating business between Goiás and Tokyo, “opening a space to present Goiás to Japan, showing what the state has the strongest,” said Ninomiya. The president of Acieg took the opportunity to show the natural beauties of Goiás and his strength in business and showed interest in supporting the project. “We have a lot to add and a lot to add. It’s a pleasure to welcome you. ” The first step of the project is the creation of the Goiás Report for Human and Social Development, which will present the reality of the state in the areas of Tourism and Sport; Business and Technology and is expected to be finalized in June this year and delivered to Tokyo commission ambassador Keisuke Onoda in September after undergoing reviews and adjustments. The preparation of the report will be attended by representatives of the OAB / Goiás Section; Government Initiative; International Front, such as JICA (Japanese Agency and International Cooperation) and Japan Embassy and Private Initiative (in the Business segment), such as Acieg. “Japan excels by discipline and respect. I thought, ‘Where’s a serious performance that might be connected to that?’ And then, immediately, without demagogy, I remembered Acieg. A serious, committed, principled action, “Ninomiya said. During the meeting, Andrea Fiuza took the opportunity to invite Akira to be the director of the Japan folder at Acieg’s Foreign Affairs Chamber, which he accepted without hesitation. Akira Ninomiya, was already director of Acieg Jovem in 2013. “Even though I was a group of young people, I felt very much at home because I saw dynamism, an entrepreneurial vision and a commitment that creates credibility. Young Acieg was a school for me, “said Ninomiya. He will be appointed on February 21 at the board meeting of the entity.