Special Content

Great Amazon World Fishing Rally

Lenda da pesca japonesa desafia o campeão de Piraiba, é possível pegar a Piraíba na artificial!

Tokyo-Goias Alliance

Wagner Lopes Interview for Amazon Rally

Mr. Fish Magnet Go Against a Mayer who claimed its Impossible to Fish PIRAIBA by Lure!!

Thiago invites ALL ANGLERS to AMAZON to TRY

Rodrigo Amaral PROMISES the best competition ever.

Great Amazon World Fishing Rally Applicant Pamplona implies “Toshinari Namiki that you will see the fish but you will not fish it with your lure!!”

Rhusyvel Peterson claims that PIRAIBA is the treasure in Amazon river, which they won’t give to anyone but themselves!

Carola Curvo, top Brazilian Female angler, claims that fish in Brazil belongs to Brazilians, Bring It On!!

Carocinho CHALLENGES Japan & China.

Fish Content

The moment electric eel electrocuted us, part 1

The moment electric eel electrocuted us, part 2

Amazon Fish rising the river!!

Surubim/Shovelnose catfish caught by Local fisherman

Fish Dance in the air!!!

Amazong River has Areas where Water is So Transparent!!

Amazon life

Amazon local fishermen life

Monster Fish Caught in Amazon River.

Red Tail Cat Fish caught and carried.

Hungry Jabiru Bird hunts fish…